To place an order you can simply


1. Complete checkout and pay by your credit or debit card

2. Contact us on 0151 345 0699 and we will process  your order over the telephone you can then pay by BACS, Cheque, Credit Card or Debit Card

3. Email us with a enquiry at

4.Fax a purchase order to 0872 115 6699

5. Post your order to our offices


 We do not deal with overseas transactions, so therefore do not email or enquire about any of our products


We can take payments by cheque, bank transfer,cash, credit or debit card

If you prefer not to give your credit card details over the internet or phone we can send you a secure email to make a payment, please advise if you prefer this method

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M&P Cubicles and Hardware Supplies
32 Bankfield Street
Ground Floor, Unit 1
L20 8EJ
0151 345 0699

0872 115 6699
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