The Benefits of Burstcatch Locks

Are you looking for high quality and secure locks for your commercial building? There are a number of factors you need to consider when choosing fittings for your washroom, particularly if you have customers, clients or the public using your washroom facilities. You need to ensure that your washroom is safe and secure and provides the utmost privacy. Investing in quality toilet cubicle fittings will ensure that they will not need replacing for a long time and that they can withstand any damage.


Your solution to finding the perfect secure, quality lock is Burstcatch. We supply Burstcatch locks and here are some its benefits.


Vandal Resistant Burstcatch Lock


In places with high traffic and where damage is more likely to occur in washrooms such as nightclubs, bars and schools, toilet cubicle locks can easily be damaged and destroyed.


Flimsy locks are not an option if you want to avoid continuously replacing them. It can get rowdy in pubs and clubs and we all know what naughty school kids can be like, so these industries in particular need solid, vandal resistant toilet cubicle locks. The design of Burstcatch locks ensures that they don’t break through vandalism.


If you’re a nightclub owner you may find that you’re replacing toilet cubicle locks every other week which is an unnecessary cost to your business as simply installing Burstcatch locks could save you money spent replacing broken locks and hinges caused by vandalism.


Safe For All Customers


Burstcatch locks are so versatile and can be used in a variety of settings including schools, hospitals and care homes due to their safety. When purchasing anything for your commercial building it is vital that they adhere to health and safety guidelines, even down to your toilet cubicle locks.


Burstcatch locks are safe for all members of the public including children. They are easy to use and can be accessed easily in an emergency which is ideal for hospitals. They can be accessed with excessive force and the lock won’t buckle or break under the pressure!  


Easy to Use and Install


If you have existing locks which are still intact and in good condition but you’re worried about them becoming damaged, then simply fit your toilet cubicles with Burstcatch locks. Burstcatch is fitted to your existing locks and just replaces the catch.


They are super easy to fit and they work simply and effectively to avoid damage to your doors and locks. Burstcatch works by securely locking the cubicle door and when pressure is applied it releases to give access. There is no damage to the door and the  Burstcatch system resets itself. Its as simple as that! And you will save the cost of getting the whole lock or door replaced.




















You can find out how to install your Burstcatch locks on the Burstcatch website.


Offers Security and Privacy


The main purpose of a lock is to provide the occupant of a toilet cubicle with privacy. Burstcatch locks are made from high quality and sustainable materials so there is no concern about toilet doors flying open whilst on the loo! Burstcatch locks ensure that you keep your privacy and decency whilst occupying the toilet cubicle due to the solid material and system used to protect your privacy.


Buy Your Burstcatch Locks Today With M&P Cubicle Hardware Supplies


Burstcatch has been used in the washrooms of major brands such as JD Weatherspoon’s and Yate’s due to the durability, longevity and cost effectiveness of these locks. Here at M&P Cubicle Hardware Supplies we supply Burstcatch locks for cubicle doors and standard doors. To prevent replacing broken, vandalised locks choose Burstcatch today. You can purchase these locks via our website or call our team on 0151 345 0699 to find out more about our products.


Posted On: 02 May 2018