Toilet Cubicle Fittings by M&P


A washroom should always be gleaming for hygiene purposes and to bring comfort to the people who use the facilities. Particularly for commercial properties, a well maintained washroom says a lot about you and your business. The rest of your building can be sleek, clean, and professional looking but if you’re washrooms don’t match, your image can be tarnished.

This is particularly important if you have customers who use your facilities. You want them to leave with a good impression of your company, no matter which part of the building they visit.

So if your washroom is looking dilapidated or a little worse for wear, don’t worry, as M&P Cubicles and Hardware can help bring that shine back to your washroom and give you that professional image that your business deserves.  





Toilet Cubicle Hardware


Toilet cubicles should be a clean and private space and the decor should reflect the image of your business. The washroom is a space in which you can be creative with design but you also have to consider practicality. We specialise in hard wearing, durable and well designed toilet cubicles. We install toilet cubicles in a range of materials for male, female and disabled toilets. From high end strong stainless steel cubicle fittings to cheaper alternatives such as aluminium, there is something for all budgets and designs.

Both our stainless steel toilet cubicle fittings and satin anodised aluminium fittings are great for washrooms where there’s the chance of leaking water and high humidity and they work well for many commercial buildings as they’re stylish, polished, and professional. The smooth finish of the satin anodised aluminium in particular is great for adding a touch of class and luxury.





Fully Fitted, Quality Washroom Facilities


Toilet cubicle hardware is not our only speciality, we’re able to renovate the whole design of your washroom with shower cubicles, vanity units, doors, IPS panels, and much more! One project we’ve recently taken on has involved full washroom renovation.

We were approached by a longstanding customer to help with a project for a gym chain, and we got to work supplying the very best glass shower cubicles, toilet cubicles, IPS Panels, vanity units, and internal laminated doors with hardwood edging. All of these images are from the national gym project and, as you can see, we went for a sleek and fresh look that’s simple yet modern. We feel this is perfect for a gym environment.

This whole process took just two weeks! We often have to work to tight deadlines but one thing’s for sure, we never compromise on standards or quality.

If you’re looking for something similar to this or have an idea in mind but aren’t sure if it’s something we can do, simply send us your details and a picture or drawing of your design ideas to and we can provide an initial quote. You can also get in touch over phone with any enquiries by calling us on 0151 345 0699.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Posted On: 01 May 2018